Support Ukraine: buy a children’s drawing

Starting from the first days of the war, Ukrainians began to bravely resist Russian aggression. In Zaporizhzhia, on the basis of the Zaporizhzhia regional center of youth and public organization SVOI functionates a large-scale humanitarian aid headquarters for IDPs, SRW units, The National Guard, the Armed Forces and civilians who found themselves in trouble because of Russia aggression. In a month and a half of war we have already helped more than 10000 people, great number of military units, deployed a shelter for temporarily displaced persons that left Mariupol and hot spots. 

Our team has 50+ people. Assisting in the headquarters and online – students, freelancers, working youth and adults work for rapprochement victory!

Currently, the headquarters has 7 areas: 
– call center (receiving requests for assistance)
– logistics direction (delivery of humanitarian aid in the city and region)
– kitchen and everything related to food 
– medical (help with medicines) 
– things (clothes / personal hygiene products / etc.) 
– sewing (sewing equipment for our soldiers) 
– military (weaving camouflage nets for the military) 

We help more than a half-thousand people every day and we are in dire need now reinforcement in order to continue working and help everyone who needs it. Everyone is helping our staff, even the smallest ones. 

Therefore, the children of Ukraine willing to support all those who are fighting for our freedom and independence began to draw pictures. Even the youngest residents of Ukraine want to help their country to support everyone who needs help.

Hundreds of photos of Rusyn children of Ukraine come to our mail, and therefore we decided to place their artwork on all available NFT marketplaces:

  • Binance NFT
  • Alibaba NFT
  • OpenSea
  •  Axie Infinity
  •  Rarible
  •  SuperRare
  •  Foundation
  •  KnownOrigin
  •  Nifty Gateway
  •  Sorare

We decided to share them with you and thus expand the possibility of support our army, people who became homeless due to Russian aggression, found themselves in difficult life circumstances. Thanks to your contribution, representatives of the Armed Forces, SROs, IDPs and people who found themselves in difficult life circumstances due to the war, may receive the following assistance: 

– food
– medicines 
– personal hygiene products 
– clothing 
– technology 
– camouflage nets 
– information support 
– volunteer assistance with the delivery of the necessary 

How to support Ukraine? 

  1. Choose one marketplace from the list above
  2. Find there a picture of your own 
  3. Pay it 
  4. Enjoy! You have given Ukraine a chance to speed up the victory

We appreciate everyone’s support and we thank to those, who joined.