Volunteers centre for
humanitarian aid


One of the largest volunteer humanitarian aid centers in our city unites the citizens of Zaporizhzhya for the sake of our victory! Helping in the center itself and online - students, freelancers, working youth, and adults alike work for the sake of bringing victory closer! Anybody is welcome to help!

Since the first day of the war, the Zaporizhzhya Regional Youth Center and SVOI NGO have been running a large-scale humanitarian aid headquarters for refugees, territorial defense units, National Guard, Armed Forces of Ukraine, and civilians stranded by Russian aggression.

Our team consists of 50+ people. More than 60 volunteers help us keep our headquarters alive every day, offline and online. They are ordinary people, students, citizens of Zaporizhzhya, who joined together for a common victory. And we are infinitely grateful to everyone!

We have
7 directions:

Call center

receiving calls and requests for help

Logistical support

delivery of humanitarian aid to the regions


food for our army, temporarily displaced persons etc


help with medicines


clothes / hygiene


equipment for our soldiers


netting of nets for army

Every day we:

  • Respond to 60+ requests for help
  • Process 100+ calls.
  • Prepare 350+ meals
  • Gather 70+ volunteers at headquarters
  • Making nets, outfits for our military
  • Deliver 100+ packages with the aid

We help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defense, refugees, and all those affected by war:

  • food and dry rations
  • medications
  • sanitary products
  • deliver these products
  • equipment
  • camouflage nets
  • provide any needed information
  • сlothing

How to support the team?


Clothing, food, medicine, or other humanitarian aid: We pick it up in the Zaporizhzhya Regional Youth Center (vul. Patriotichna, 49) Every day from 10:00 to 17:00.


Informationally: Spread the word about us. Send out current lists of the items needed for the center. Share the contacts of local and international humanitarian organizations.


Become a volunteer: By signing up on our platform svoi.space.

How to get assistance? Contact our call center at 080 033 61 35

Our volunteers will be happy to reply to you from 10:00 to 17:00

Or leave a request in our Telegram bot @poruch_svoi_bot It operates nonstop.

Weekdays of the center